History of Whitfield Oil Company, Inc.

Whitfield Oil Company is family owned and operated.

How It All Started...

Stanley Whitfield began working for PURE Oil Company, in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1960. He began his career in the oil business while in still in high school. He began as a warehouse worker and later advanced to driving a fuel truck. At that time, major oil companies had very few distributors. Most of the major oil companies did their business with direct markets across the country. In the small town of Chickamauga, Georgia, there was a small PURE Oil distributor, Smith & McDaniel Distributors, owned by Clint Smith. Clint was looking for someone he could bring into his business in preparation of his coming retirement. In 1968, Stanley Whitfield went to work for Clint Smith. He began to operate Smith's business, while also serving his country for 10 years, in the Army National Guard. In 1970, Clint brought Stanley in as his business partner. The company then became Smith & Whitfield Oil Company. A few years later, Stanley bought Clint's share of the company. In 1976 the company became Whitfield Oil Company, Inc.

In 1980, Stanley bought out a small Shell fuel, and lubricants distributor in Chickamauga, Georgia. This Shell distributor was M.H. Oil Company. By this time, PURE Oil Company has changed their name to Union 76. A few years later Stanley changed all of his Shell gasoline locations to Union 76. He cancelled his gasoline distributorship with Shell, and kept his lubricants distributorship, doing all of his business with Union 76.

In the early 1970's, Whitfield Oil Company embarked in to the tire business.  As the company grew, the tire business also grew. In 1990, Whitfield Oil Company
separated the tire business, from their oil business. A new company was formed, and called Whitfield Tire & Service Centers. It began two service center locations. It also became a Goodyear distributor.

In 1993, Whitfield Oil Company signed a distributorship agreement with Valvoline. Whitfield Oil Company had never really been focusing on the automotive lubricant market, so this was all new to the company. Whitfield Oil Company has since elevated Valvoline to the number one market position in East Tennessee, and North Georgia. 

In 1997, Whitfield Oil Company was recognized as the Shell Image Jobber of the Year. This is a high level award from Shell Oil Company. It's graded on image, customer service, growth, and having outstanding achievement with Shell. This award was only given to one Shell distributor in the United States, among 800 Shell distributors.

In 2006 Whitfield Oil Company celebrated its 30 year anniversary. Whitfield Oil Company was founded by Stanley Whitfield with his business based on Christian principals. Whitfield Oil Company continues to be family owned and operated by himself, his wife Sherry, and sons Shawn and Shannon.

Whitfield Oil Company, in recognition of enthusiastic and creative participation and commitment to the ideals of the Association of Independent Oil Distributors (AIOD) was presented with the 2012 Member of the Year.




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