Quick Lube Site Selection Study

Location - Location - Location

One of the keys to success in the installed oil change business is location...location...location.

Whitfield Oil Company can help you assess a business site and then help you attract customers once you open your doors. Our state-of-the art targeting system will tell you exactly how many potential quick lube users, based on demographics, live within a one, three and five mile radius of your site.
Once you've established your site, we can help you target your best potential customer and identify specifically where these prospects live, so you don't waste valuable marketing dollars on people who aren't likely to have their oil changed at a quick lube.

The study also provides:              

  • Population by sex, age
  • Marital status
  • Renters vs. owners
  • Homes with children
  • Property values
  • Number of cars and trucks per family
  • Income comparisons
  • Occupation

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