Industrial & Heavy Duty Maintenance Tips / Links

The Latest Technical Information About All Of Your Industrial & Heavy Duty Products

Four Lethal Diesel Engine Oil Contaminants
Glycol - Fuel Dilution - Soot - Water

API: CF-4 Diesel Oil Now Obsolete
Changes With Heavy Duty Engine Oil's

The Meaning Of A Low Viscosity Reading
What Does This Mean?

Understanding API CJ-4
Frequently Asked Questions

The Difference In The New Oils
Operating Conditions Will Significantly Change In Three Ways

The Difference In The New Engines
Exhaust Technologies To Meet The EPA Requirements

The Difference In The New Diesel Fuels
EPA New Rules

Reducing the effects of Contamination on Hydraulic Fluids & Systems
Steps that can save you money & down time!

Off-Road Powershift Transmission
Petro-Canada Lubricants can take care of your Heavy Equipment

Petro-Canada Takes Reins on White Oils
Lubricant NEWS

Switching to Food Grade Lubricants
Provides Safety Solutions

Food Lubricant Safety Audits.
Is your facility long overdue? Petro-Canada Lubricants can help!

Lubricant Prices or Cost?
A Question of Value

Grease Selection

Recommendations for Mixing Greases
What everyone needs to know

The Debate Goes On

What You Need to Know When Selecting Gear Oils
Do you know what's best for your application?

How to Maximize Hydraulic Cylinder Service Life
Save money in down time

Custom Lube Truck Ensures Delivery of Clean Oils & Fuels
What every construction company needs

Lubrication - Maintenance Cost or Opportunity
Are lubricants cheaper than parts, and downtime?

Coolant or Anti-Freeze Fundamentals
An estimated 60% of engine downtown in the commercial trucking sector is coolant related

Hydraulic Systems & Fluid Selection
What is a Hydraulic System?

Lubrication Basics for Wire Ropes
Various types of greases are used for wire rope lubrication

Reciprocating Compressor Basics
Petro-Canada offers a complete line of compressor oils

Do You Know Where Your Used Oil Goes?
How to know the right used oil recycler for your company

Petro-Canada ATF Dexron-VI Approved from General Motors
The First Approval from General Motors for all 2006 & beyond

How Much Does Your Lube Tech Cost You?
They can save you money, or cost you money

Compatibility & Switching Suppliers
It's just not all about price

Tricks & Traps of Oil Reclamation
When To Reclaim & When To Recycle

Daily Inspection
It Can You Save You Money On Equipment & Downtime

Turbine Oil Reclamation & Refortification
Recycling Your Lubricants

Synthetic Grease Advantages
Why is there an increased popularity?

The Ingredients Of A Bakery Plant's Maintenance Success
Article From A Major Maintenance Magazine (April 2007)

Are Repair Shops Contaminating Hydraulic Components?
Does Yours?


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