The Difference In The New Diesel Fuels

EPA New Rules

The Difference in the New Diesel Fuel

ROTELLA Fuel ArticleIn order to reduce emissions even further, the EPA has developed new rules regarding diesel fuel. They require an Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel to minimize the harmful effects of diesel exhaust particulates on human health. This means diesel fuel sulfur must be reduced to a maximum of 15 ppm (parts per million).

Mandated Reduction

In parallel to the changes in on-highway diesel fuel, the EPA has also mandated a reduction of at least 80% in fuel sulfur for off-highway equipment. This will reduce the amounts of NOx and PM emissions from all diesel engines. Without this fuel, 2007 model trucks cannot meet emissions requirements.

Shipping From Refineries by June 1, 2006

These fuels are required to begin shipping from refineries by June 1, 2006 and must be widely available by October 15. Shell is currently working with the EPA, API and other stakeholders to prepare our refineries and pipelines as well as our marine and terminal distribution operations to ensure you will have no problems finding the new ULSD.

Additionally, we are developing ULSD Quality Assurance procedures to maintain the high quality of our fuel.


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