The Difference In The New Oils

Operating Conditions Will Significantly Change In Three Ways

Due to the requirements of the new engines, lubricant requirements and operating conditions will significantly change in three ways:

Change #1
Higher operating temperatures as a result of increased use of EGR

Change #2
High soot levels as a result of EGR

Change #3
Compositional limits on oil (limits on sulfated ash, phosphorous, sulfur)

To account for this, CJ-4 oils will be significantly better in:

  • Wear control
  • Deposit control
  • Oxidation stability (resistance to breakdown at high temperatures)

Available by October of This Year

CJ-4 oils will be required to be available by October of this year. Some OEMs, such as Cummins and Mack, are likely to launch their low-emission engines requiring API CJ-4 oils ahead of the mandatory requirements.


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