Automated Fueling Customer Information

How Does Fastway Automated Fueling Work?


 Welcome to Whitfield Oil Company's Fastway Fueling System.  A convenient way to address your fuel needs.  Our mission is to provide convenient easy-to-use service with our card lock system.                             


WHERE YOU CAN USE YOUR CARD?                        


 Fastway Fueling Station #1 

110 Lafayette Rd. Chickamauga, Georgia 30707

  (Next to McDonalds)  This is an un-manned site open 24-hours

  • Regular Gasoline
  • Plus Gasoline
  • Off-Road Diesel (Red)
  • On-Road Diesel (Green) 

Wilson's Pure Service Station  North Main Street Lafayette, Georgia

HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. / Saturday 8:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M. / Closed Sunday

  • Plus Gasoline
  • Regular Gasoline
  • Off-Road Diesel (Red)
  • On-Road Diesel (Green) 


 How the System Works

 1.  Customers insert their Fastway Fueling card into the card reader.  The reader "reads" the account number and prompts the purchaser for various options depending upon how the account is set up in our system.

  Mandatory Prompts

  • The driver keys in a 4 digit Pin Number. This number can be the same for all cards. The pin number is supplied by the customer.
  • The driver is prompted for a pump number. This tells the computer which kind of fuel you are purchasing.

Optional Prompts

  • The driver is prompted for a vehicle number. This set-up is for accounts which have one card filling up several different vehicles.
  • The driver is prompted for an odometer reading. This option is available for those who wish to keep track of their miles per gallon.

 2.  After completing the prompts, the customer fuels their vehicle then returns the pump handle to its cradle.  Once the pump is replaced to its cradle, the transaction is complete.  Failure to start pumping within 30 seconds of keying in the prompts will cause the pump to turn off.  For security purposes, if you key in the wrong pin number 3 times, your card will be deactivated.  You must call the office to have your card reactivated.


During the first week of the following month, Whitfield Oil Company will mail an invoice to the billing address given.  Invoices are due by the 15th of the billing month.  Any account with an outstanding balance on the 25th day of the billing month will cause the computer system to deactivate the account, until the account is brought current.  Whitfield Oil Company will give a reminder call as a courtesy to all due accounts.  However, failure to receive a reminder call does not relinquish the purchaser's responsibility for prompt payment.  All finance charges apply to past due balances.  There is a .25 per transaction fee.  This fee covers the cost of new & replacement fuel cards without increasing the cost of fuel per gallon.  Monthly invoices will reflect each transaction, the gallons purchased, the purchase price and total.





A minimum of 24 hours is requested for all card replacements.  This time frame is to give all computer software at our various locations to transmit all card and account information.

All accounts must be pre-approved.  For corporations, a credit application packet must be filled out with proper authorized signatures.  For personal accounts, a credit application packet must be returned, along with an Authorization Form for Whitfield Oil Company to run a consumer credit report on your social security number.  All information is kept strictly confidential.  A minimum time of 24 hours, upon receipt of the application, is requested to set the account up in our computer system. 


For all Fastway Automated Fueling questions or concerns, contact Shannon at

(706) 375-2851 Ext. 112

or click here:  to send an email.


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