Automotive Maintenance Tips / Links

The Latest Technical Information About All Of Your Automotive Products

Motor Oil Myths & Facts
Everything you need to know about the oil for your car, or truck

Service Intervals
Painless Preventative Maintenance

Gasoline Pricing & Fuel Economy
Frequently Asked Questions

Engine Oil Grading
Do You Know If Your Private Label Oil Has A.P.I. Certification?

Lubricant Prices or Cost?
A Question of Value

Simple Fuel Mileage Tips
Getting more M.P.G. is a matter of diligent care care

Petro-Canada ATF Dexron-VI Approved from General Motors
The First Approval from General Motors for all 2006 & beyond

Mechanics Veto Extending Oil Changes
Survey conducted by ASE & Valvoline

Oil Viscosity - Weighing in on Engine Lubrication
What everyone should know

Higher Mileage Tips from Valvoline
How to get the most miles out of each tank of gas

Higher Mileage Lubricants
Why special oils can extend the life of your engine

Synthetic or Conventional Motor Oils
Do the comparison

Synthetic Oil
Why synthetic?

Extended Drains
The secret to long engine life

Engine Maintenance Tips
Filter changes extend the vehicle life

Automatic Transmission Fluids
Responding to the needs of your transmission

Coolant or Anti-Freeze Fundamentals
An estimated 60% of engine downtown in the commercial trucking sector is coolant related

Do You Know Where Your Used Oil Goes?
How to know the right used oil recycler for your company

Cabin Air Filters
Breathing easy inside your car

How To Change Your Service Pro Wiper Blades
Step by step instruction

The Importance Of Coolant
Another Easy Way To Protect Your Engine

The Cooling System
How It Works & Why It's Critical

Compatibility & Switching Suppliers
It's just not all about price

Facts About Air Filters
The Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter


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