Petro-Canada ATF Dexron-VI Approved from General Motors

The First Approval from General Motors for all 2006 & beyond


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DEXRON®-VI shifts the paradigm for Automatic Transmission Fluids

Introducing the next generation of Automatic Transmission Fluid. DEXRON®-VI is the new standard over current DEXRON®-III fluids. DEXRON®-VI delivers:

  • twice the service life of DEXRON®-III under normal driving conditions
  • more consistent shift performance under all driving conditions
  • enhanced performance in new and older transmissions
  • the potential for improved fuel economy

DEXRON®-VI improves transmission life

DEXRON®-VI has improved oxidation, thermal and shear stability to provide extra protection under severe service conditions. Its enhanced anti-foam control, anti-wear protection and low temperature fluidity protects parts such as bearings, bushings and gears.

Twice the life of DEXRON®-III

Under normal service operation, DEXRON®-III needs to be changed every 160,000 kms (100,000 miles). DEXRON®-VI has been shown to last over 320,000 kms (200,000 miles). It provides an extended service life through:

  • durability of frictional properties
  • improved film strength and wear control
  • outstanding thermal and oxidative stability
  • enhanced shear stability

DEXRON®-VI is completely back-serviceable in all DEXRON®-III and -IIE applications

Developed through a collaboration with General Motors

A joint effort between General Motors (GM), Afton Chemical Corporation and Petro-Canada, DEXRON®-VI was developed for GM's Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed transmission. DEXRON®-VI is now the global factory fill fluid of choice for all General Motors automatic transmissions.

ATF D3M ATF D3M delivers long service life for your transmissions Petro-Canada's ATF D3M automatic transmission fluid provides oxidation and thermal stability for long transmission life in automatic, powershift and hydrostatic transmissions used in most cars, trucks and off-highway vehicles. ATF D3M performance features Petro-Canada's ATF D3M is formulated to stay like new - longer Lasts up to 160,000 km (100,000 miles) under normal driving conditions Maintains fluidity at low temperatures, enabling cold weather start-ups at temperatures down to -36C/-33F Anti-wear protection reduces wear on bearings, bushings and gears Frictional properties deliver smooth gear shifts Prevents clutch shudder in modulated torque converters Applications May be used in automatic transmissions where a fluid meeting the former DEXRON®-IIIH, -IIIG, -IIE, or -II specification was recommended Meets or exceeds top tier "H" class of former DEXRON®-III specifications General Motors now recommends DEXRON®-VI for all GM automatic transmissions Ford recommends only MERCON®-V or MERCON®-SP service fluids in Ford automatic transmissions ATF D3M may also be used where the following specifications are recommended Mercedes-Benz 236.1 Allison TES-389 and C-4 Caterpillar TO-2 Also meets requirements for Clark Powershift & Renke transmissions May also be used in hydraulic and power steering systems

Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend ATF

Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend ATF for heavy duty transmission systems

Petro-Canada's Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend fluid is specially formulated for commercial and heavy duty transmission systems. Designed for severe service applications, this automatic transmission fluid delivers:

  • outstanding thermal and oxidative stability
  • extended drain intervals
  • stable friction properties
  • excellent wear protection

Multiple heavy duty applications

  • Approved for Voith (Voith G1363) and ZF ( ZF TE-ML.14.B) extended drain applications and Allison C-4
  • Suitable for use where Allison TES-295, Caterpillar TO-2 or MERCON®-V is recommended
  • May also be used in automatic transmissions where a fluid meeting the former DEXRON®-IIIH, -IIIG, -IIE, or -II specification was recommended
  • GM recommends the use of DEXRON®-VI for all GM automatic transmissions

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