Drum Storage & Handling

How To Handle & Store Your Lubricant & Fuel Drums

Equipment failure can often be traced directly to contaminants found in that equipment's lubricants, or fuel. Care must be taken anytime a lubricant, or fuel is handled, transported, dispensed or stored. Listed below are several methods of storing lubricants, or fuel to minimize contamination.






Inside storage is the preferred method for storing full drums. Refer to safety instructions on the package label or the product MSDS for any special handling issues related to the lubricant, or fuels. Be sure to keep drum tops free of any dust, dirt, and water. Be sure to keep drums away from open flames, sparks, and extreme heat.



If it becomes necessary to store lubricants, or fuel outdoors, be sure to take measures to insure that the lubricant, or fuel is protected from weather and dirt. Drums will breathe with changes in ambient temperature. As a drum "inhales," it draws in water, dirt, and any other forms of contamination that may be present. Uncovered drums stored in an upright positions collect water and dirt that will contaminate the lubricant, or fuel as the drum breathes. For these reasons, it will be necessary to employ one of the methods listed below when storing drums outdoors:

  • Makes sure the bung colsures are tight and use a form-fitting drum cover on all drums stored in an upright position.
  • Store the drums on their side with the bung closures tight and orientated in a position parallel to the ground.
  • Set the drums upside down, making sure that the bung closures are tight. Do not store the drums in low areas that collect water.
  • Tilt upright drums in such a way that any collecting water will not reach the bungs.



In order for us to pickup and transport drums they MUST be in the following condition:

  • Completely empty (less than one half inch of original fluid in the bottom of the drum).
  • All bung closures installed and tight.
  • NO puncture holes.
  • Must be reasonably clean outside.

*Whitfield Oil Company reserves the right to accept returned drums based on the above criteria and whether they are suitable for reconditioning.


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