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 - Chattanooga Tennessee

"On behalf of Astec we would like to thank Whitfield Oil Company for allowing Mr. Jack Sapp to be a part of our customer schools. Approximately 290 students attended this year's school (this number does not include Astec employees). They represented 38 states and 8 different countries. The groups were made up primarily of plant operators and foremen. Several managers and owners also attended. We had originally planned three weeks of schools but added a fourth because of the demand of our training. We hope to become the industry leader in training, if we are not already. There is not a way to measure this. However, our students tell us we offer the best curriculum of anyone. Needless to say, we hold a high standard for our classes. This was the first time in years we have approached an outside source to do a presentation. Jack Sapp did not let us down! He did a fantastic job! The class, it's content, and the delivery, were all first class. Jack Sapp was very professional and a pleasure to work with."

"The BASICS OF LUBRICATION class was a wonderful, and needed, addition to our schools. We hope to keep it in the curriculum, in some form, in the future."

"Again, with our appreciation... Thank You." - Richard Worth Jr. (Service Support Coordinator Customer School & Education Coordinator)



Auto Mats and Accessories - Dalton,  Georgia

"Auto Mats manufactures automobile floor mats, and we currently run several injection molding machines."

"In years past, we have been performing yearly hydraulic oil changes, but after discussing the performance capabilities of Hydrex with Mike Smith of Whitfield Oil Company and utilizing oil analysis, we were able to extend drain intervals to over twice what we had been experiencing. The Hydrex AW was introduced into the machines in 2009 and is currently running strong.I am very pleased with cost savings by reducing maintenance cost and down time." Robert Anderson, Owner

 Third Day Lubes (Valvoline Express Care) - Calhoun, Georgia   

"Rhett (Ouzts) is always available, and always helps us out, epspecially when need something quickly. He has a great attitude!" Rick Gilliland, Owner


City of Lafayette Georgia - Lafayette, Georgia

I'm happy we made the change to Petro-Canada America Lubricants. Not being familiar with the brand, I was unsure, but after Mike Smith, with Whitfield Oil Company explained the benefits of Petro- Canada, I see now it was the right move! Ken Stoker, Maintenance Manager


GW Trucking, LLC - Chickamauga, Georgia

"Our trucks went from twelve oil changes per year to nine after switching to DURON-ETM."

"Mike Smith of Whitfield Oil Company supplied information on DURON-ETM and we ran tests versus another major brand and after reviewing the oil analysis reports, cost savings and field trial results, we made the switch." 

"Duron-ETM does a great job of lubricating our engines and minimizing soot agglomeration, which helps keep our engines clean.  It was the right move for us and we're very pleased with the results." 

"Having our trucks on the road and not in the shop means more money on our bottom line."

- Lamar Gann, Vehicle Fleet Manager, G-W Trucking, LLC











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