Bio-Kleen Diesel Fuel Biocide

Removes Bacteria & Fungus Present In All Diesel Fuels

Microbes in the form of bacteria and fungus are present in all diesel fuels. Long periods of fuel storage can create ideal opportunities for microbes to grow in fuel tanks. The first indication of microbial contamination is mucous-like accumulations on fuel-filters and increased requirements for fuel-filter replacement. Microbes can only be removed from the fuel system by use of a diesel fuel biocide.  
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Compliant - contains less than 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur
Effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel
Dual-Phase - effective in both diesel fuel and water as recommended by major diesel engine manufacturers
Effective as a "quick-kill" biocide and for long-term diesel fuel maintenance
Kills microbes (bacteria and fungi)  that grow in dispersed and free water associated with diesel fuels
Prevents fuel-filter plugging - helps prevent fuel system failures
Protects fuel system components against organic acids created by microbial growth - prevents fuel tank corrosion
Improves fuel performance
Reduces engine maintenance costs
Burns similarly to diesel fuel (>106,000 BTU/Gal)
Part Number - Pack - Shock Treatment - Maintenance Treatment
9016-06 6/1 16-Ounce 320 Gallons 880 Gallons
9041-04 4/1 96-Ounce 2,000 Gallons 5,280 Gallons
9055 55-Gallon Drum 146,300 Gallons 387,200 Gallons



Use slug dosage or intermittent metering of Bio Kleen Diesel Fuel Biocide® to attain "shock-treatment" concentrations of contaminated diesel fuel tanks or for maintenance-treatment concentrations.

SHOCK TREATMENT OF DIESEL FUEL BULK-STORAGE OR EQUIPMENT TANKS: Treat total capacity of each tank - not the amount of fuel in the tank at time of treatment. Add one ounce of Bio Kleen to each 20 gallons of equipment fuel tank capacity (see treatment ratio chart on this page). After treatment has been added, fill the tank with diesel fuel to maximum capacity so that the rising level of diesel fuel treats the entire interior walls of the tank.

MAINTENANCE TREATMENT OF DIESEL FUEL BULK-STORAGE OR EQUIPMENT TANKS: Treat total capacity of each tank at the ratio of one ounce of Bio Kleen to each 55 gallons of diesel fuel in the tank (see treatment ratio chart on this page). After treatment, fill tank to maximum capacity.

SHOCK TREATMENT AND MAINTENANCE TREATMENT: Recirculate fuel in tank for 30 minutes following treatment, if possible. Let diesel fuel set for eight hours before using to achieve maximum effectiveness. Treatment may result in additional accumulations of water and dead microbes at bottom of tank. If so, pump or drain tank bottoms to complete tank cleanup.

WHEN TO USE A BIOCIDE: Make visual inspections of bulk-storage tanks. Dark, slimy growth may be detected at the interface area between the diesel fuel and the water-bottom or throughout the fuel. A "rotten egg" odor also may be detected. Look for slime on interior walls of tanks and in the sump area - check water drawn from the sump area for slimy debris. Microbial growth can multiply rapidly and may form into long strings and form mats or globules. These are the most common signs of contamination and require immediate treatment.

DEVELOP A TREATMENT SCHEDULE: Shock treatment may be performed to solve contamination problems, followed by maintenance treatments at regularly scheduled intervals. Or, the shock treatment may be repeated every three months. Following treatment of tank, inspect filters frequently until plugging no longer occurs.

PRACTICE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Although Bio Kleen dual-phase biocide is effective in both diesel fuel and water, it is recommended that accumulated water be drained or pumped regularly from tank bottoms and that sump areas be drained. Filtering also is recommended to remove fungal debris. Inspect filters and screens regularly. A good maintenance program can reduce microbial growth and increase effectiveness of shock and maintenance treatments.

Bio Kleen Diesel Fuel Biocide
Treatment Ratios (In Ounces)


1 Ounce 20 Gallons 55 Gallons
16 Ounce 320 Gallons 880 Gallons
96 Ounce 2,000 Gallons 5,280 Gallons
55-Gallon Drum 146,300 Gallons


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