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Is this oil really used in all Joe Gibbs race cars on race day?
Yes. Joe Gibbs Racing uses MicroZol XP1 for all of its race cars, including Nextel Cup, Busch, and Late Model racing.

What is the oil's viscosity?
MicroZol XP1 viscosity typically tests as a SAE 5W-20 oil.

What type of racing engines can MicroZol XP1 be used in?
MicroZol XP1 was developed to give maximum performance in JGR Nextel Cup engines, but it can be used in all high performance gasoline race engines, such as, ASA, Late Model, Drag, etc.

Can this oil be mixed with other racing oils?
MicroZol XP1 should be compatible with most conventional race and street legal engine oils. However, Joe Gibbs Performance recommends you do not mix this oil in order to maintain maximum performance.

Is this a synthetic oil?
Yes. MicroZol XP1 is made with only premium synthetic base oils. The American Petroleum Institute (API) would classify the base oils used in MicroZol XP1 as Group IV and Group V synthetic base oils.

What type of horsepower improvement can I expect when using MicroZol XP1.
Horsepower improvements will vary by engine type and application. In Joe Gibbs Racing Nextel Cup engines horsepower gains of 2 hp over other premium synthetic race oils are typical. See MicroZol XP1 technical data sheet for some actual dynamometer results.

Is this really the best performing race oil Joe Gibbs Racing has used?
Yes. Joe Gibbs Racing has spent significant resources and completed numerous dynamometer tests developing racing oils specifically for their engines over the last 5 years. MicroZol XP1 has always given the best overall performance.

Does MicroZol XP1 contain chlorinated additive?
MicroZol XP1's composition is proprietary and exclusive to Joe Gibbs Performance, but it does not contain any chlorinated additives.

Joe Gibbs Racing does not make oil. Who makes MicroZol XP1 for you?
Joe Gibbs Racing has spent the last 5 years working with the world's leading lubricant additive supplier to develop MicroZol XP1. Joe Gibbs Racing has contracted with this supplier to supply MicroZol XP1 exclusively to Joe Gibbs Performance.

Should I flush my engine before using MicroZol XP1?
Flushing your engine is not necessary before using MicroZol XP1. You should drain your engine thoroughly and change the oil filter prior to using MicroZol XP1. This will guarantee you receive the maximum benefit from using MicroZol XP1.

Can I use MicroZol XP1 in my street car?
No. MicroZol XP1 was specifically developed for use in gasoline powered racing engines. Joe Gibbs Performance does not recommend its use in any other applications.

How often should I change MicroZol XP1 in my race engine?
How often you change your oil depends upon the application. Joe Gibbs Performance recommends you maintain the same oil change interval for MicroZol XP1 that you are currently using.

Does or will Joe Gibbs Performance carry other racing lubricants?
Joe Gibbs Performance has plans to add additional racing lubricants to its product line over the next 6 - 9 months.

Can MicroZol XP1 be used as a break-in oil?
MicroZol XP1 was not developed for use as a break-in oil. Joe Gibbs Performance Break-In oil was developed for Joe Gibbs Racing for that purpose, so we recommend using Joe Gibbs Performance Break-In oil to break in your engine, and then use Joe Gibbs Performance Racing Oil for racing.

What are your package styles and minimums?
Joe Gibbs Racing Oil is available in single quarts, 12 -1 qt cases, individual 2.5 gallon jugs, 2 - 2.5 gallon cases, 55 gallon drums and bulk.

Are there any programs for disposal of used oil?
Please check with your local, county or state government or auto parts stores.

What is ZolTech?
ZolTech was the test market name for our racing oil. We have formalized the final name for this product, and it will sold under the MicroZol label. Look for advertising and promotional material related to this product and check the Joe Gibbs web site for more information on it.


Question & Answers with Mark Cronquist
Head Engine Builder for Joe Gibbs Racing

Mark Cronquist
Head Engine Builder
Joe Gibbs Racing

Why would Mark Cronquist, a NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship winning engine builder, put his name on this product? Because he made the decision to find an oil that could stand up to the performance demands of a 500 to 600 mile race where an 800 plus horsepower engine sees over 9,500 rpm and 240 degree temperatures. When we couldn't find it, we made it.

Q: Do you really use this oil, or is this just some marketing deal?
A: We currently use this exact oil in all of our engines. In fact, we've been using our own blend of racing oil since 1999.

Q: Why would Joe Gibbs Racing buy oil when you could get it for free from a major oil company?
A: We were not pleased with the quality of true racing oils that were available. We were seeing wear in the valvetrain that kept us from being as aggressive as we wanted to be. Instead of working around the oil, we decided to make a change, so we found a world leader in lubrication technology that could provide a custom blend of synthetic oils to meet our extreme needs. The old adage that you get what you pay for applies when it comes to racing oils. True racing oils require special additives that cost too much to give away.

Q: What makes Joe Gibbs Racing Oil special?
A: The additive package and blend of synthetic base oils that comprise Joe Gibbs Racing Oil can not be found in any street legal or API certified oil. In fact, no other racing oil matches the unique formulation of Joe Gibbs Racing Oil. Once we began using Joe Gibbs Racing Oil, our wear problems went away, and we were able to be more aggressive with our valvetrain. Over the last four seasons we've been able to make the formula better, and as a result, we can make more power without compromising engine durability because of Joe Gibbs Racing Oil.

Q: Aren't other racing oils just as good?
A: No, we've tested our racing oil against the top racing and qualifying oils on the market, and our testing has showed that Joe Gibbs Racing Oil provides an un-matched combination of pour-in power and engine durability. No other racing oil can provide 600 miles of protection at temperatures above 220 degrees while providing qualifying oil like power increases. Joe Gibbs racing oil provides power without compromise. We looked for an oil like this, but we couldn't buy it anywhere. So, we had it made, and now you can get it.

Q: Why do you only have the one racing oil?
A: We only use one racing oil for all of our engines. We qualify and race on the same oil on both open and restrictor plate engines. We do use a special petroleum based break in oil to break in all of our engines. These are the only two products we use, so that is why we are only offering those products. If we don't use it, we won't offer it.


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