99.99% Racing Methanol - M 1 

Whether You Use Methanol for Drag Racing, Indy or CART Racing, Sprint Car, Late Model, Modified or Even Go-Cart Racing,  RACING METHANOL IS YOUR #1 CHOICE!


    Test Method ASTM-
Appearance clear, colorless, liquid; free from suspended matter (1)
Odor no foreign odor, characteristic D-1296
Methanol 99.99% by wt. minimum (2)
Distillation Range 1°C. max., to include 64.6± 0.1°C @ 760mm D-1078
Specific Gravity 0.7892 maximum @ 25°C E-346
Color 5 ALPHA, maximum D-1209
Acidity 0.003% by wt. maximum; as ascetic acid D-1613
Alkalinity 0.0003% by wt. maximum; as ammonia D-1614
Acetone 0.003% by wt. maximum D-1612
Carbonizables 20 ALPHA, maximum E-346
Hydrocarbons clear when diluted 1:2 with water, after 30 minutes E-346
Non-Volatile Matter 0.01% by wt. maximum D-1353
Permanganate Time 50 minutes minimum (0.02% KMnO4 @ 15°C) D-1363
Water 0.05% by wt. maximum when shipped E-203
(1) Visual
(2) by difference


Boiling Point 760mm 64.5°C
Refractive Index 1.3284nD
Explosive limits, in air 6 to 36.5% by volume
Flash Point, open cup 16°C (61°F)
Ignition Temperature 470°C (878°F)
Vapor Pressure, 20°C 92mm. Hg.
Weight per gallon, 60°F 6.63 lbs.
Coefficient of Expansion 0.00117 per °C
Vapor Density, Air=1 1.11


Miscible with water, alcohols, esters, ethers, ketones, and hydrocarbons


Methanol is a flammable liquid, and precautions against sources of ignition must be taken. Inhalation of concentrated vapor may irritate repiratory tract and produce narcosis. Contact with liquid irritates eyes, causes drying of skin. Absorbtion from prolonged skin contact produces toxic effects. Swallowing causes dizziness, headache, acidosis, visual disturbances and damage and possible death. If inhaled, move to fresh air, give artificial respiration or oxygen, if breathing is difficult. In case of contact, flush eyes or skin with plenty of water. If swallowed, induce vomitting (if conscious) by giving tablespoon of salt in glass or warm water. Repeat until vomit is clear. CALL A PHYSICIAN.


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