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OIL EATER® Cleaners/Degreasers & Absorbents


Three Formulas… One CLEAN Result!

OIL EATER® safely dissolves grease and oil on asphalt or concrete driveways, engines, lawn mowers, tools, ovens and outdoor grills. It's excellent as a pre-wash for dirty clothes and will remove most stains from carpets, floor mats and upholstery. An excellent concentrate for pressure washing and parts cleaning machines. Diluted as directed, Oil Eater saves money. An application and dilution chart is included on the rear label of all packages.

SAFE for Both Your Home and the Environment!

OIL EATER® CLeaners and Degreasers are water-based, fresh-scented, biodegradable cleaner that effectively replaces flammable or combustible solvent cleaners. It contains no hazardous chlorinated/fluorinated solvents or acidic type chemicals. Oil Eater's formulation safely accomplishes the cleaning that previously required solvent or acid cleaners and exposed the user and the environment to the inherent hazards of such chemicals.

This unique formula of non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, water softeners and other biodegradable ingredients cuts through oily and greasy dirt, encapsulating the oil and dirt into a solution that can easily be rinsed away.

OIL EATER® Absorbents

Pads, Spill Kits, Booms, Socks and Accessories are excellent for industrial plants, machine and maintenance shops and a fast response to safe clean ups offering superior absorbency for both oil and water. They prevent slipping by protecting floors making your workplace safer, while helping you comply with OSHA regulations. 

Commercial Spill Kit


Industrial Spill Kit


Portable Spill Kit


Universal Pads & Rolls



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Drip Pad Roll 

Socks & Booms

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